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Child Support Computation with Variable Incomes

We all know that under current law, child support is computed based on incomes, and the determination of incomes is the first step. Varibale incomes such as commissions or bonuses involve extra calculations. Our firm was involved in a recent case in the Supreme Court of Georgia that dealt with this situation. The case was STOWELL v.HUGUENARD, S10A1700, Supreme Court of Georgia, Decided February 28, 2011.

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Advance Directive for Health Care

How does one make sure their last wishes for healthcare, including life support, are honored? Georgia has a type of format called an Advance Directive that replaces the old Living Will and the Healthcare Power of Attorney.

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Payment of Debts from a Deceased Person’s Estate

Creditors of an estate must be paid by the personal representative of an estate before the estate can distribute assets and property to heirs or beneficiaries (personal representative includes personal representatives or administrators).

A personal representative is given a six-month time period from the day he was appointed to ascertain the assets and value in the estate and to determine who the creditors are. No creditors’ claims can be paid or enforced during this time period, with one exception,

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A Personal Law Practice

Having practiced law in Gwinnett County Georgia for over 40 years, that journey has taken many directions. I begin practice as a real estate closing attorney when Gwinnett County was tied with Orange County CA as the fastest-growing county in the country. I was also an appointed counsel for criminal defense cases in Gwinnett Superior Court for a number of years. This arrangement is used by Gwinnett County in lieu of a public defenders’ office. Criminal defense was a great training aid to learn how to be an effective courtroom attorney. And real estate closings were a good way to meet people. They would come back if they had cases involving the homes they had bought, or about their business matters or personal injuries.

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