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Advance Directive for Health Care

How does one make sure their last wishes for healthcare, including life support, are honored? Georgia has a type of format called an Advance Directive that replaces the old Living Will and the Healthcare Power of Attorney.

For years the Living Will was available to address whether a terminally ill person who was unable to communicate would stay on life support. Then, a Healthcare Power of Attorney became available, which covered life support issues as well as decisions on other healthcare issues could be made. Under the Healthcare Power of Attorney, an agent was appointed to make decisions for an ill person who could not communicate. However, it could be confusing to have overlapping documents, and sometimes people had conflicting provisions in the two documents.

Now, there is an Advance Directive format authorized by Georgia Law that replaces both the former documents with a single document. It covers life support issues as well other medical issues, and additional issues such as burial or cremation, organ donation, and other similar issues Our firm has been assisting clients with wills, healthcare and advance directives, and estate planning matters in Gwinnett County and Metro Atlanta since 1976. Give us a call and you and your loved ones will be glad you did.


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