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Success Stories

  • We successfully handled the appeal of the year’s support case described below, and the Georgia Court of Appeals’ decision was upheld in our favor.
  • A will contest in Cobb County was decided in our client’s favor, and the decision was upheld by the Georgia Court of Appeals in our favor.
  • In an estate case where a widow sought to obtain benefits from her husband’s estate, and the children from a previous marriage of her husband contested the husband’s will, the court awarded the marital home and substantial funds to the widow as a “year’s support.” This is a law in Georgia that allows widows and minor children to obtain additional benefits from an estate in certain cases.
  • Believe it or not, some days it is great to be a lawyer. The judge in Walton County allowed my client, a single mom, to have her new husband adopt her 7-year-old daughter. This was over the objections of the real father who had not seen the child since 2015 and did not pay child support since 2017….a very happy ending.


      • Congrats David! Folks are very fortunate that you chose this profession, including my family!!!
      • Dianne M Frix- Great job David!!
      • Bill Batchelor -Good job David!
      • Stephanie Iley Salb- Sounds like the judge followed the law….. sometimes that’s not as easy to see happen as you would think, as you know. Good lawyering!
      • Stan Sunderland -Good job, good for the new family and the child, the sperm donor got what he deserved!
      • Jacque Patton -Thank you again David πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‰
      • Ivan Epperson -Good lawyer
      • Amanda Walker Smith -Proud of you dad!
      • Paige Boan Schwartz -Yesterday was the 3 year mark since my happy ending….thank you for your diligence in bringing that crazy chapter of my life.
      • Wanda Sandels -Awesome!
      • Tina Shumake Handrop -Divine Intervention πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ the REAL Father won❣️❣️


  • We have recently handled a successful will contest defense; we were able to get the court to uphold the will by filing a motion for summary judgment. This type of motion, if successful, can avoid a costly trial.
  • We settled a divorce and custody case recently when the opposite party (the mother) was found to be concealing her bipolar condition. Some people would testify she was just the sweetest mom. But within the previous year, she had two DUIs, within a month of each other, the 2nd one with the child in the car. She was also charged with child endangerment. She was self-medicating herself with alcohol. In these situations, she had anger and violent tendency problems.She had failed to disclose to anyone in the case including her lawyer that she had seen a psychiatrist after the DUIs, and was diagnosed as bipolar and given medication.The medical records showed this and showed she had stopped her medication blamed that on jail time which she had never served, and quit seeing the doctor.The name of the psychiatrist came out in settlement talks inadvertently. We subpoenaed the records and found what her condition was. The Guardian ad litem recommended that custody goes to the father.Our client, the father got full custody and the mother has only supervised visitation with orders to not drive with the child, get counseling and treatment as recommended, and if she ever wants to change the visitation the situation she has to file a new case in court to ask for it and so why she should get it.
  • Will contest won recently with mediated settlement upholding the will which had been contested, In Gwinnett County.
  • Numerous successful will probates
  • Divorce cases successfully mediated with David Walker as mediator
  • Divorce case settled with self-employed opposing party, and defined-benefit pension involved, we used a business valuation expert and an actuary who provided valuation assets so we could obtain a favorable settlement
  • Numerous divorce cases settled or tried with David Walker as attorney
  • David Walker has broad experience in numerous areas of laws as shown in the entries below – this broad experience can help in handling your case.
  • Happy to get a good result for a client in a will contest case in October 2018, in Cobb COunty. We represented a 95-year-old lady who had decided to leave her 7-figure estate to friends and charities rather than her next of kin, who were nieces and nephews who only visited sporadically and were not her caretakers. The will was upheld.
  • Asked to take over a divorce and custody case two weeks before trial, obtained primary custody, higher child support with extra income imputed to husband who was understating income, alimony, ownership of family business, and attorney fees awarded to wife.
  • Obtained high six figure settlement for tractor trailer collision case, our client’s husband was killed, she was injured, and left with four minor children, despite the fact that police did not charge the tractor trailer driver with any violations, and issues existed as to who was at fault. In depth investigation revealed videos taken by bystanders that showed the events and led to the settlement.
  • Obtained fast settlement for partner in blasting company whose partner had put all corporate assets in his name, our client received his half of the assets and additional assets for attorney fees after filing suit for fraud, conversion of assets, and breach of fiduciary duty. The value of assets received in settlement exceeded $500,000.
  • Obtained settlement for victim of tractor trailer truck collision, client needed surgery which settlement paid for, and surgery was successful.
  • Settlement for client with previous neck injury, had cervical fusion, then low speed rear end collision, which was contributing factor to additional surgery 1.5 years later, $250,000
  • Obtained $800,000 settlement in corporate litigation representing shareholder in family Corporation who was fired but had a right to redeem his shares under written shareholders agreement. After two years of litigation there was a successful outcome.
  • Successfully obtained an injunction against a builder who was improperly completing a construction contract
  • Won a covenant not to compete case successfully for a salesman whose former employer attempted to get a restraining order against him, to prevent him from working for a new employer, under a defective covenant not to compete
  • $187,000 verdict for a commercial landlord in a lease guaranty case
  • Numerous six-figure personal-injury settlements, and other significant injury case settlements
  • $141,000 settlement on the third day of jury trial in a business sale case
  • Verdict in favor of an automobile dealer (my client), sued for fraud (other defendant was hit with a verdict for $127,500 actual/punitive damages)
  • Obtained custody for a woman who had previously lost custody of her children in a disputed custody case
  • Settlement of $300,000 in a partition case between heirs of an estate which had large land holdings
  • Appealed cases in the Supreme Court of Georgia and Georgia Court of Appeals
  • Pro bono appeal on issue whether child-support is discharged in bankruptcy
  • Numerous proceedings in bankruptcy court
  • Obtained court ruling to place life-insurance proceeds in a trust when insured had forgotten to change the beneficiary
  • Numerous incorporations and assisting in corporate Business matters
  • Seven figure settlement for two high school students who struck a defectively lighted tractor trailer truck in Gwinnett County, Georgia
  • Numerous adoptions, custody and visitation cases
  • Numerous probate court proceedings, including Will Probates, Estate Administration, contested hearings for accounting and settlement of estates, guardianships, and related matters such as partition proceedings in Superior court
  • Six-figure settlement of a negligently filled prescription case against major pharmacy chain
  • Six-figure settlement of a wrongful death case involving negligent driving by state trooper where daughter given up for adoption was able to claim her share
  • $40,000 settlement of soft tissue injuries claim against government employee who caused collision by use of cell phone
  • Six figure settlement for driver who struck defectively lighted tractor trailer truck in Gwinnett County, Georgia
  • Successful appeal to Supreme Court of Georgia, case involving bankruptcy after divorce leaving other spouse with joint debts of the marriage preparation of wills, living wills, living trusts, and revocable trusts
  • Successful appeal in Court of Appeals of Georgia , case involving trespass when construction extended over property line
  • Successfully assisted in prosecution of contractor for theft by conversion of construction funds instead of paying subcontractor
  • Six-figure settlement for wrongful death of disabled, young child, due to defective medical device and negligent respiratory therapists
  • Defense of six-figure claim by builder successful, where builder sued homeowners after they fired builder for negligent construction
  • Successful retention of child custody for father when mother attempted to regain custody after child was in father’s custody for years
  • Estate litigation successful, where caretaker was promised a gift under descendent’s will, after terminal illness, will was found not to contain gift as promised
  • Custody claim of father successful, to obtain and retain custody of four children under age 12, two with special needs
  • Millions of dollars collected for our clients

Case results listed here are not meant to predict the outcome of any specific case. Outcomes of legal matters depend on many factors, and no two cases are alike. The above cases are given as examples of possible outcomes.

In connection with estate planning or business planning, we also offer asset protection and formation of corporations and LLC’s for our clients.

Our firm has been assisting clients in Gwinnett County since 1976. Give us a call at 770-972-3803 and you and your loved ones will be glad you did.

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