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Online Privacy Statement

As professionals engaged in the provision of legal services to clients worldwide, David Sinclair Walker Jr. P.C., including its affiliated partnerships, (collectively, Walker Law Firm) is committed to protecting the privacy of confidential and personal information, including personal data relating to individuals who may be clients, staff, agents, lawyers, law students, job applicants or others inside or outside the Walker Law Firm. It has always been and remains the policy of the Walker Law Firm to comply with the rules of professional conduct which impose a duty to preserve and protect confidential client information upon lawyers and their associated personnel.

This Privacy Statement is based on the privacy and data protection principles common to the countries in which we operate. We apply it in light of our over-arching obligations to comply with law, to preserve client confidentiality and to represent our clients as effectively as possible within the bounds of the law. This Statement is intended to summarize the Walker Law Firm’s data protection practices generally, and to advise our clients, interested law students, job applicants, website visitors, and other third parties about the Walker Law Firm’s privacy polices that may be applicable to them.

This Privacy Statement is specifically addressed to parties outside the Walker Law Firm who provide personal information to the Walker Law Firm or who visit or use the Walker Law Firm’s websites.

Collection and use of Personal Information

The Walker Law Firm does not collect any personal data from visitors to its website that is not voluntarily provided (Personal Information). If you do provide Personal Information, we may use that Personal Information to:

provide you with legal services, if you are or become a client of the Walker Law Firm, and/or deal with any requests or inquiries you may have carry out, monitor and analyze our business or web site operations conduct our recruiting and selection process contact you (unless you tell us that you prefer us not to) regarding legal or law Walker Law Firm developments that may be of interest to you enter into or carry out contracts of various kinds comply with any applicable laws or regulations in any country.

Confidentiality of Client Information

Consistent with our professional obligations, it has always been the policy of the Walker Law Firm to exercise the utmost discretion regarding the information our clients entrust to us. The Walker Law Firm accepts and processes client information always subject to the client’s direction and control, and the Walker Law Firm maintains reasonable and appropriate, although not infallible, security precautions. We never trade, sell or share your information with any unrelated parties except as necessary or appropriate to conduct the Walker Law Firm’s legal and business activities, subject to appropriate confidentiality, privacy and information security commitments provided by the receiving party, or to further your interests or as permitted or required by law or as authorized or directed by you. Please feel free to raise any questions, concerns or specific directions you may have regarding the privacy and security of your information to the attorney who is handling your matter or to the Walker Law Firm’s Data Protection Administrative Department.


A cookie is a text file sent by a web server and placed on your computer by your web browser. The Walker Law Firm’s extranet sites use cookies to track logins and to filter data that a logged-in user has access to. This cookie also identifies users that have changed their initially-assigned default password. We use this information to help customize the user’s experience on the site, to provide security, and for the other purposes specified herein.

You may reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to allow your browser to alert you when a cookie is set. However, if you select these settings you may be unable to access certain parts of the Walker Law Firm’s websites. Unless you have adjusted your browser setting so that it will refuse cookies, our system will issue cookies when you logon to or visit the Walker Law Firm’s websites.

Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Information

We do not disclose any Personal Information to unrelated parties outside of the Walker Law Firm, except to our agents or data processors or other contractors acting on our behalf and at our direction, subject to appropriate confidentiality, privacy and information security commitments provided by the receiving party, or where we believe it necessary to provide a service which you have requested, or as permitted or required by law, or as otherwise authorized or directed by you.

We may transfer your Personal Information to other offices of the Walker Law Firm for the purposes set out for use of Personal Information in this Privacy Statement. Such transfers may involve the transfer of your information between jurisdictions and outside of the jurisdiction in which you submitted your information, including to jurisdictions which the European Union may not deem to provide “adequate” data protection. Please do not provide us any information that you do not wish to be transferred between our offices.


If you are an individual you may have certain rights under applicable data protection legislation which includes the right for you to review and correct the personal data we hold about you. We may charge you a fee to receive a copy of this data. For a copy of or reasonable access to your personal data please contact us.


In order to respect the privacy of minors, the Walker Law Firm does not knowingly collect, maintain or process Personal Information submitted online by anyone under the age of 18.


We maintain reasonable and appropriate physical, electronic and procedural safeguards intended to maintain the confidentiality of Personal Information provided by a visitor to this website. We do not guarantee that our safeguards will always work.


We reserve the right to change this Privacy Statement at any time without advance notice. Should any new policy go into effect, the Walker Law Firm will post it on this website.


We like to keep our clients, personnel and other interested parties informed of legal developments of interest to them. If you do not want to receive publications or details of events or seminars that we consider may be of interest to you, please let us know by sending an email with your instructions.

Consultants, Suppliers and Vendors

In order to support its provision of legal services to its clients, from time to time, the Walker Law Firm may maintain business information about prospective or ongoing consultants, suppliers, and vendors. We use this information for internal purposes and do not share this data with unrelated third parties.

We expect consultants, suppliers, and vendors to maintain data protections consistent with reasonable and appropriate obligations of data processors including, where applicable, the European Union’s Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC). Any prospective consultants, suppliers, or vendors with questions about our policies and expectations should contact the Data Protection Department, described below.

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The Walker Law Firm maintains a Data Protection Administrative Department to enhance and promote compliance with and understanding of privacy and data protection principles. The Administrative Department also serves as a point of contact for answering questions and resolving issues and disputes. If you have any questions relating to our use of your Personal Information please contact us via email.


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